Advisory & Consulting


At O.A. George and Co we take pride in providing you with a bespoke service. We are able to offer you and your organisation a wide range of services in the advisory and consulting area, tailoring the engagement to your specific needs.


If you would like to discuss our services and what we can do for you, get in touch at to arrange your free initial consultation or call us on 0207 635 6948.

Forensic Accounting, Investigations & Disputes

Whether it be analysis of accounts, forensic work, financial disputes, tax investigations or matrimonial disputes, O.A. George & Co will deliver a bespoke service tailored to your needs.


O.A. George & Co are able to assist you in a variety of forensic accounting engagements. Ranging from VAT disputes and financial investigations, as well as accounting treatment disputes with HMRC to name but a few.  



Management Consulting

Our managment consultancy service includes the following:


  • Business operations analysis

  • Business fitness check

  • Business stress tests

  • Accountancy software appraisal

  • Evaluation of financial managemnt control

  • Advise on executive and staff recruitment

  • Organisation of tutorials & seminars

  • Human resource management

  • Managment Skills development


As a company, sole trader or not for profit organisation, it is essential to understand the key risks to you. Whether it be risks in the industry, financials or infrastructure of your organisation we can help you implement and test strategies  to mitigate such risks. At O.A. George & Co we can offer a detailed risk asessment to your organisation, to help you succeed against your competitors. 

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

It is very important to make the right decisions for you and your family. UK tax rules are constantly evolving and becoming more and more complex. O.A. George & Co will simplify such changes for you, ensuring that you are able to fully understand your position. We can advise you through a number of areas such as efficient saving strategies, tax exempt schemes, personal tax planning, inheritance tax planning and capital gains tax planning.